You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life

Written by: Louise Hay, Joan Perrin Falquetwonder cells

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The Review:

Louise Hay has been there and done that and this is evidenced by the data of her book. When I first purchased a copy of You Can Heal Her Life, I read the first 2 sections, and put the book down. I was angry because Ms Hay was telling me like it was, and I didn''t wish to hear the truth.

I didn''t wish to look at myself and take responsibility for my life and my happiness and my health. I wanted to be told that My situation was beyond my control. A couple of years later, I picked up that copy of You Can Heal Your Life, ready to read it and hear the truth that saved Ms Hay''s life, years before. As I worked via the workouts and began practicing the affirmations in the way Ms Hay instructed, I literally started to heal my life of suicidal depression, kidney disfunction, arthritis, and the hurt of kid sexual abuse, as well as a slew of other issues.

A miracle happened. I began to become excited. Since this time, I have continued to use the mirror workouts and affirmations that she describes, and continued to work to change my thought patterns. As a result of this, my attitudes have changed, and I have become a much more positive, optimistic man.

Everything that I need in life seems to come to me as I need it. I used to get unhealthy with awesome regularity, catching everything whether it was a common disease/disorder or not, and I rarely get unhealthy or become injured now. I am excited almost every day and am seeing my dreams come true. The last 10 years, since I read You Can Heal Your Life for the first time, have been a wonderous journey, and I wouldn''t trade it for anything.

While I did the work, I owe a debt of gratitude to Louise Hay for writing and marketing "You Can Heal Your Life" so that her message could reach me and countless others. I have seen the same kind of results in almost a dozen other people who have read You Can Heal Your Life. There is a better way, and this is it. Give it a try, you''re worth it. Like and Peace.

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