Weight Loss Is Not The Same As Fat Loss

Weight Loss Is Not The Same As Fat Loss

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This section will expose what you can expect from the most populargoji cream

It’s important to cover at least a few of these products because it’s part of understanding the

problem. The #1 reason why exercise gadgets do not work is that eating properly is

80% of the solution to fat loss. It’s that simple, but they

are never going to tell you that.Electronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS Devices(AKA Abtronic, Ab Energizer)

You’ve probably seen these infomercials, these are the battery

operated belts that you wrap around your waist, and magically your

stomach gets smaller.Can an EMS device help build your abdominal muscles? The

answer is probably. As long as there is continuous muscle

contraction, you will see muscle mass increase.EMS Devices Do Not Reduce Fat From Your Waistline

However, the problem is that it doesn’t do a

bit of good when there is a layer of fat around your waistline

covering the muscle. In fact, as the muscle underneath the fat

grows, your waistline will actually bulge out further.

Unless you are eating correctly, these devices do nothing

except drain your wallet. But don’t bet on these companies

mentioning this. They know the truth, but are going to deceive you

as much as possible.EMS devices will only help

someone who has a small percentage of body fat, and who’s

abdominal muscles are already visible through the skin. As

you may already know, this is not the case for the majority of us.Review Of The Ab Energizer

We actually purchased one of these to try it out, and it was made so poorly that it fell apart after

3 weeks of use. Plus they require you to purchase a special

contact gel that is required for the belt to work. When this runs

out, you have to buy more.

By the time you figured out it doesn’t work, your belt is worn out, you’ve purchased 2

additional bottles of contact gel, and your frustrated and

feeling taken advantage of. Enough said!

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"I never knew that the more muscle

you put on your body, the more you can eat, and

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-- Donald Graves - Chicago, Illinois

This product uses a twisting motion to target both

the upper and lower portions of your abdominal muscles, sides, and lower

back. And by doing extended routines, the idea is that you will burn fat due to

a cardiovascular workout.In Theory Yes -

Reality No. Our fitness staff gave this machine a trial workout. Our staff

is in very good shape, and when they used it, they felt pain

Some of the exercises they give you to do, just feel very uncomfortable and awkward.

The website says “ The Ab-Doer is the abdominal machine of choice for many people who train their bodies

So take that for what it is, unless you are a

professional, (and even if you are), this is not the right place to start. Also remember, this

machine will do nothing for you unless you follow a realistic, fat loss

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-- Cathy K. - Port Washington, New York