Tokyo Personal Trainer explains How to stretch for every occasion  Health and Fitness Blog -

Tokyo Personal Trainer explains How to stretch for every occasion Health and Fitness Blog -

May 27, 2009Tokyo Personal Trainer explains How to stretch for every occasionprincess hair

Stretching is a exceedingly popular subject these days. When to stretch. Where to stretch. How to stretch. How long to stretch. How not to pride

I have continuously been told by all my instructors in whatever exercise I have done that you need to warm up and stretch before you begin any exercise curriculum. All through my schooldays all my coaches had me warm up and stretch. It didn’t matter which activity it was. Swimming, water polo, football, softball, baseball, soccer, track, and weight lighting.germitox

Then I joined the Armed Forces and even they had us warm up and stretch. They regularly did what we called a daily seven, which consisted of 7 exercises that were completed by the numbers followed by a formation run or obstacle course. Chanting was then introduced to help build up cardio stamina after warm up.

Latter I got involved in martial arts, (Judo, Karate, Boxing, Aikido, and wrestling). All these exercises also require you to warm up and stretch. I spent over 20 years doing martial arts, triathlons, bodybuilding, power lifting and various other team and individual intramural sports. The same principals applied. No matter what kind of workout you did it was necessary to warm up, stretch and at the finish to cool down and stretch. Lately I have just started taking Yoga. This also requires the same principals.

All these different sports, however, entail a unique type of stretch.

The key is to know how and when to use the suitable form of stretching to stop injury and realize optimal performance. So what kind of stretching do you do?

There is a controlled kind of stretching, which is called dynamic. This helps to elongate your muscles using similar actions to the activity you will be doing. You always start out gradually and increase to a maximum range of movement. Most exercises will consist of running, jumping, hopping, and stepping up and down. There are a few exceptions to the rules such as swimming, which can be done in the water. Static stretches are generally done at the end of your workout when your body will get the best results.

As far as flexibility goes, PNF stretching can be used. This however requires a cohort to apply force which you resist by trying to return to the starting position. This helps to give you more range of movement by increasing your kinesthetic memory.

There are many benefits to good stretching and form. By having flexibility and more freedom of movement you will raise your capacity to finish easy to complicated tasks with less effort. A regular daily stretching routine will help to correct your posture and self esteem by looking better and feeling better about yourself. Stretching helps to alleviate tension in the muscles and helps you lead a more productive lifestyle.

Pete Carey is a top Tokyo Personal Trainer and owner of Please feel free to contact us at if you are interested in learning more about the Tokyo Fitness scene.

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