StompOut Puzzle Help

StompOut Puzzle Help

Click on a square. It will change color, as will its neighbors.goodniter składniki

Keep clicking until all the squares are white.valgosocks

The ''easy'' level is quite easy and is really just to teach the rules. The harder levels have more squares and more colors.posturefixerpro

You can undo a move by repeating it until it returns to its original color.germitox δοσολογία

There are countless ways to win each game.valgosocks

You don''t have to find the ''right'' set of moves, just one that works.

For example, if you have a sequence of moves that clears the puzzle, you make those moves

in any order and it will still work.

The general strategy is to simplify the grid until you get to one of a few simple patterns that you know

how to clear. You will not always get to the same simple pattern, you will have to learn to clear a few different ones.

Start at the second row from the top and clear the top row.

Work your way down until everything but the bottom row is clear.

Clear one or two squares on the ends of the bottom row. This will make some squares in the row above it colored.

Repeat the process, working up this time.

After a few repetitions of this, the pattern will become symmetrical, and if you keep it up you will

be able to get a single colored square in the center of the puzzle.

How you get rid of that is your problem.

I don''t have any trouble with the ''hard'' puzzles, but I can''t win the ''abandon hope'' level.

There is a hidden, for-your-eyes-only method to win by brute force.

Click here if you know how to keep a secret.