Obesity Deaths In Canada

Obesity Deaths In Canada

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here i will make it simple, since we all agree there all addictive, but most of you think the alcohol is fine, im sorry “sociably acceptable” why dont we take everything addictive and make it have to be rx, the alcohol, the pain killers, paint remember some people snort paint, lets get an rx to paint the house, cleaning product’s rx? kids are on robutussin now rx? sex is addicting, should we get an rx, for that? where do we draw the line, if im in pain your saying i can go drink my self to death, but i cant by vicodin otc because i may become addicted, maybe we should lock up the donuts, obesity is becoming an epidemic isnt it? costing us a lot of money on diabetes and health care! It’s all wrong, my point is lets re-evalute and give people with no health coverage a break, canada seems to a point with otc meds of all sorts not just pain relief, if people are going to be dumb about being addicts a rx from a doctor isnt going to change them, but some of us can use them “the right way” titan gel

First, I don’t believe Vicodin is OTC in Canada. While a prescription from a physician for a controlled substance may not change an addict or his/her behaviors, it does make it slightly more difficult for the addict to get the medication (I know pt’s doctor hop and pharmacy hop .. but eventually they get caught). For those of us who use them “the right way” as you put it, I think it is a small price to pay to have to go to the physician and get a prescription for the Vicodin. Patients who need Vicodin need to be monitored by their physician to make sure the medication is effective. If the pain is not well controlled, the physician may want to change to something more powerful. However, if you bought it OTC without monitoring by a physician many of the “checks” are lost. For example: Vicodin isn’t appropriate for someone with liver disease — and you can’t get an OTC AST/ALT test (liver fxn tests), Vicodin may not be an appropriate choice for someone with addictive type behaviors, Vicodin should be dispensed by the pharmacist so you can be advised of the many precautions to take while on the medication. If you make it OTC, you lose these checks. While many things are addictive, some are more dangerous and cause the addicted party to pose a risk to others. If someone is addicted to sex or donuts, I won’t see the ramifications of those addictions. If someone is addicted to Vicodin and they drive and hit a small child in the street, we do see the ramifications of that. And, yes, alcohol would also fall under that same example — which is why we require people to be 21 years of age to purchase it and impose very stiff penalties for its abuse.member xxl avis

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