How to Get Your Own Essential Oils Business Started  Growing Together

How to Get Your Own Essential Oils Business Started Growing Together

Its Time to Learn About Essential Oils for real →

How to Get Your Own Essential Oils Business Startedcatch me patch me ingredienser

First of all, if you havent read my story about getting started in Essential Oils, take a minute and read it. I explain what I wanted someone else to explain to me! I share my questions, which may not be yours, and why those questions were important to megaspray

Once You Have Decided You are Ready to Get Started

Want to know how to get started on your own Journey to Wellness?! I explain it here.

My recommendation is to start by joining and purchasing a wholesale starter kit. That is going to do several things at once. You will waive the $35 wholesale membership fee by purchasing the starter kit. You’ll receive whichever kit you choose (there are several depending on your preferences) and become a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA. You’ll then receive 25% off and be purchasing at wholesale on all your future orders! You do NOT have to sell oils and become a business, but you are set up and ready for that should you decide you simply cannot NOT share about your experiences. Where do you join? Right here! Click on the word JOIN in the upper right hand corner. Not only will you be getting wholesale, but you’ll also be able to activate your Loyalty Rewards Program and begin immediately building additional percent off savings every month climbing to 30% by the end of the year! Those Rewards can be spent on anything you want to order from dōTERRA and save you mega dollars! I’ve personally seen orders of $100 dollars cost less than $5 out of pocket because of Rewards!

Why should you join my team?

You’ll be rubbing i-shoulders with some of the very best in dōTERRA on my team, and I’m not talking about myself! dōTERRA is all about building deep strong teams, and I am blessed to have plugged into a pipeline connected to some of the most successful Wellness Advocates with dōTERRA! Once you have placed your order and set up your wholesale account, you’ll receive training, resources, and support that have been designed and used by top sellers! No re-creating the wheel here! Take a deep breath and enjoy being involved in a group that supports each other.

You can create residual income from your own home-based business that is built on a foundation of creating health and wellness for people! In case you didn’t notice, our health care industry is a disaster! People are searching for answers and all the pharmaceuticals offer are chemicals that don’t ever truly cure them, but add to their issues with a long list of side effects. I don’t know about you, but I would rather use powerful Essential Oils that have a long list of additional benefits and uses!

Are You a Good Fit for My Team?

 I’m building a powerful team full of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping others find the path to wellness and health while earning an income to bless their own families. Is that you?

Are you willing to purchase an enrollment kit (these start at $150, which waives the $35 enrollment fee)

Are you ready to order at least $100 dollars of product each month by participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program at a Business Builder level enabling you to earn commission checks?

If you can answer yes to those questions, then you are a great fit for my team and I’m anxious to meet you and get started! Click here and select JOIN in the upper right hand corner to get your membership started with dōTERRA!

Do You Want Discounted Oils Without Building a Business?

There is nothing wrong with that! Everyone’s goals and needs are different! You have three choices.

You can buy retail without any hassles by shopping in my online store and select the “Shop for Products” button at the top. You will be paying retail prices, but if that’s what you are most comfortable with, that’s okay with me.

You can create a Preferred Membership account. You’ll want to select the second option of Preferred Member Prices. This option gives you a 20% discount, no monthly orders required, Loyalty Rewards Program available, and if/when you realize you just cannot resist sharing your oils with your friends and family, you can upgrade your account to the Wholesale Prices account without any trouble

Your best option is to still select the Wholesale Prices membership option in the membership enrollment form.  This allows you to buy at the full 25% discounted price, no monthly requirements, no minimum orders, the Loyalty Rewards Program allows you to earn an additional 10 – 30% if you choose to opt-in to that, eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month, ability to earn compensation and bonuses if you choose to sell to family and friends at any time, and is the overall best pricing you’ll be able to obtain.

Regardless of what you choose, I would like to encourage to take the first step today on your Journey to Wellness and invest in Essential Oils. Begin by doing a Medicine Cabinet Makeover (I teach this class on Facebook and in person! Im happy to do it as a webinar for those of you who dont live near and arent on Facebook, just drop me a message!). Let me show you to make choices that have a long list of additional benefits rather than a long list of side effects for your families health and wellness!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and my recommendations are not intended to replace your doctors prescriptions and instructions. Oils that are recommended are based on established historical uses to improve the symptoms described. Any links in this article that take you to purchase or sign up for dōTERRA oils will benefit me financially and help support my family. Thank you!

Hi! I''m an everyday mom of two "middle years" boys (9 and 11, for the who does her best to keep her family healthy, growing, and save that ever-elusive penny. My theory on saving money is that we save with the right hand for it to be spent on the left. In other words, I save where can so we have it available for the things we need.

My healthy living articles will be things I have learned from my own experiences and research as a life-long health nut. My experience has been a long rough road with hypothyroidism. I plan to share what I have learned that has worked for me. There is also a massive amount of information concerning nutrition, food choices, sleep, and more that I will put into bite size pieces and share here.

Through the years as a single- income family of four, I have learned some wonderful money saving tips that I will share on this blog, as well.

And finally, let me explain "growth". Growth occurs in many areas of our lives as time passes. The growth articles could be family relationships, spiritual growth, personal growth, or any area I feel I have something pertinent to share that could benefit the reader.

Through all of this, I hope to connect with you. Hear from you. Grow with you. I ask that all comments be written politely, no personal attacks. And. no. foul. language. I will not remove comments simply because they disagree. The conversation that develops allows us to learn from each other. I will always delete comments that are crude, off topic, personal in attack, or, obviously, spam.

My desire is to always credit resources anytime I can. If there is something you have a question about, please drop me and line and we''ll clear it up promptly.

Thank you, sincerely, for joining me on this journey.

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Its Time to Learn About Essential Oils for real →

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Its Time to Learn About Essential Oils for real

How to Get Your Own Essential Oils Business Started

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