How Clean Is Your Local Restaurant?    Absolute health

How Clean Is Your Local Restaurant? Absolute health

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We’ve all heard horror stories about food poisoning and salmonella.

How many times have you walked away from a cafe or restaurant because is doesn’t look clean?

Have you ever checked out the bathroom facilities at a restaurant or peeked into the kitchen before sitting down to order your meal?

Do you cringe when you notice that the person preparing your sandwich isn’t wearing gloves?

I was once washing my hands in a restaurant bathroom when I happened to notice a waiter exit the toilet and walk out without washing their hands.

Do you ever wonder if the spotty teens at the fast food counter have washed their hands before preparing your burger?

A friend recently returned from her honeymoon in Singapore only to end up in hospital with a bout of Gastroenteritis. Another friend returned from India where she picked up an intestinal bug that is resistant to antibiotics. Just think of all the people you know who end up sick after traveling overseas to countries with low hygiene standards!

Gastroenteritis is spread via contaminated food or drink or from coming into contact with an infected person who sneezes or coughs near you or doesn’t wash their hands properly before handling food.

Health experts advise that good personal hygiene is the key to keeping the gastro bugs at bay.

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Food and catering industries come under close scrutiny these days to meet the strict health and safey standards that are put in place to ensure the hygienic preparation and service of food to the general public.

But they aren’t the only ones. When you start to think about it all businesses and working environments have different standards of cleanliness and there are so many things to consider when fitting out a washroom for public use.

The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer claims to be the only hygienic hand dryer to meet every standard set by the HACCP but this high ticket item is beyond the budget of most restaurants, cafes and small businesses.

The level of cleanliness in any kitchen and washroom will differ depending on what country you are in, who is running the place and how much money they have to splash around.

Other factors also come into play:

Who will be using the kitchen and / or washroom

Are staff and customers from different cultural backgrounds with different hygeine standards?

How many people will be passing through each day?

Are the facilities going to be cleaned hourly, daily or weekly?

Restaurant owners and managers are responsible for providing a clean and safe working environment, including suitable washroom facilities and if they don’t it could be a recipe for disaster.

Kara works for Puregiene a washroom accessories supplier.

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