Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retriever Dog

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Facts And Information

The golden retriever is perhaps the most popular family dog and rightly so as its gentle temperament makes it a great companion for families with children. originating from Britain this breed is an excellent tracker and has been used as a hunting dog and also to help sniff out narcotics. They are very intelligent and eager to please as well as fast learners which makes them great candidates for guide and therapy dogs.wonder cells

A member of the American kennel club sporting group, the golden retriever was first registered at the AKC in 1925. By breed standards they should be between 20 and 24 inches in height and weigh between 55 and 80 pounds. If cared for properly, the golden retriever can live for 12 years or more.electricity saving box

The golden retriever has a beautiful golden coat and has a well proportioned and sturdy build. the medium length code is feathered with a dense undercoat and water repellent outer coat. They have a broad head with powerful muscle black nose and brown dark rimmed eyes. They have medium pendant shaped ears in the long tail that is carried straight, not curled. Golden retrievers callers can range from cream to a deep gold.fungalor

Well known for their gentle manner and intelligence, the golden retriever is easily trainable and a good dog if you have other pets and children. They are eager to please, loyal and confident but are extremely active and will need to get their exercise. While they are easy to train, they can be quite boisterous and are easily distracted so you want to exhibit patience during the training process. Your golden retriever should be an active member of your family as he can become mischievous if left alone for long periods of time.kankusta duo

This breed can be prone to eye defects as well as hip dysplasia and should also be checked for heart problems and Von Willebrand''s disease. Some can be prone to skin allergies, and you should keep an eye out for this as you''ll need to treated it immediately.kankusta duo

While the golden retriever does need plenty of exercise he can live happily in apartment as long as you are sure to take them for walks and let him play. Of course, they love to retrieve so having him retrieve balls or sticks or even a frisbee is ideal. They can put on weight easily so you want to be sure to watch what you feed them and make sure they do get enough exercise as being overweight can be unhealthy for any dog.

When grooming your golden retriever mixture to pay attention to the dense undercoat and brush in good with a firm bristled brush. Only bathe when absolutely necessary, but if you want to you can dry shampoo them as often as you want. This dog is an average shutter.

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