Medical-Surgical Materials, Equipment and Furniture.

Medical-Surgical Materials, Equipment and Furniture.


Calle San Rafael, Between Milano and Tubores
Porlamar, In front of the Office of CORPOSALUD
Tele: (0295)416.70.62 - Fax: 263.97.01
Cel: (0414)789.14.60
e-mail: kitmedicalmargarita@cantv.netwaist trainer

kit owner
kit med

KITMEDICAL is just one of several medical supply houses, and the first one I had the pleasure of venturing into shortly after I came here. A friend who lived here took me to this place one day when I was in need of some bandage material. I found lots of helpful stuff and have gone back numerous times since then to stock up on things as I run out. I have also directed people in need of oxygen, bandage materials, or durable medical goods to go to KITMEDICAL. And the gentleman standing outside the door is the owner of KITMEDICAL MARGARITA, C.A., and he speaks English. Unfortunately his workers do not.

Below is a list of the items KITMEDICAL carries. I have bought many items here, and have found it to be well stocked.

Medical-Surgical Materials, Equipment and Furniture.

Manufacture, Repair, Sale and Rental of Hospital Beds,
Wheelchairs, Canes, Walkers, Oxygen, Equipment, Etc.

Materials and Equipment for Patients: Ostomy Patients,
Diabetics, and Incontinence.

Sale of Hearing Aids and Parts for Hearing Aids.

Everything for Traumatology, Orthopedics, Acupunture,
Prosthesis and Implants.


Distribuidora UNIVERSAL C.A.
Calle Zamora, cross-street Luis Castro No. 9-126,
Local B - Porlamar, Isla de Margarita
Telf: (0295)263.12.53, Cell: 0414-789-1533
and if calling from outside VE: 011-58-414-789-1533

Dr. Armando Aristimuno - President
Speaks English

This medical supply house is a very small place, but it is packed full of medical equipment and supplies as you can see in the pictures above. I have been in, and purchased from this place as well, and have, on occasion, found items here that I have not found elsewhere. But then that can happen at any one of them, it just depends on what you are looking for, and when you are looking for it. Unfortunately I lost the picture of Dr. Armando, but will say that he and his office staff are very helpful. Dr. Armando speaks very good English, and he says he learned it in the United States, where he went to school in Iowa. His office staff does not speak English, so he says to call him on his cell phone (number above), and if you are calling from outside Venezuela to use the 011 number. Below is a broad list of what he carries in his store. And if you are looking for something specific just call Dr. Armando and ask him if he carries it, he will be more than happy to help you.

Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment and Materials