Healthy and Connected - 100% Essential Oils - List Page 1

Healthy and Connected - 100% Essential Oils - List Page 1

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Allspice BerryPimenta dioicaThe soft, warm aroma of allspice is comforting, lifting the spiritand inspiring confidence. Almond, BitterPrunus speciesThe aroma of almond nurtures the spirit and dissolvesemotional turmoil and stress.AmyrisAmyris balsamifera Amyris oil has a balsamic scent similar to that of sandalwood-inspiring emotional strength and centering awareness. Anise Pimpinella anisum Anise seed provides a sweet, licorice-like aroma that aids digestion and inspires exhilaration, euphoria and elation.Balsam, PeruMyroxylon balsamum A soothing addition to skin creams and cleansers, this oil has a rich,vanilla-like scentBasil, SweetOcimum basilicum Spicy and herbaceous, basil provides an emotional lift and mental inspiration. Certified Organic also available on same page.BayPimenta racemosa Bay has a spicy, sweet aroma that invigorates, opens the senses and enlivens the spirit. BergamotCitrus bergamia IntroThe fresh, fruity scent of this uncommon citrus fruit makes a refreshingroom spray.Certified Organic also available same page.Bergamot BF (Bergaptene-Free)Citrus bergamia The fresh, fruity scent of bergamot is a key ingredient in classic colognes. CajeputMelaleuca minor Penetrating, camphoraceous scent used in soaps, detergents and skin care products.bliss hair

Camphor, WhiteCinnamomum camphora The penetrating, medicinal aroma of camphor is associated with chest rubs and balms for muscles and joints. Cardamom SeedElettaria cardamomum Both masculine and feminine perfumes are enhanced by this warm, spicy aroma. Carrot SeedDaucus carota A superb skin-nourishing essential oil, carrot seed helps balance both oily and dry complexions, heals damaged skin, and helps aged skin. Cassia (Cinnamon) BarkCinnamomum cassia Though it provides a comforting aroma, cassia bark essential oil is highly irritating and should not come in contact with the skin. Cedarwood, AtlasCedrus atlantica Deep, woody and rich, the aroma of Atlas cedar yields benefits similar to those of sandalwood-inspiring emotional strength and centering awareness. Cedarwood, RedJuniperus virginiana The balsamic, woody aroma of red cedarwood has relaxing, meditative properties and adds a warm note to blends. Cedarwood, TexasJuniperus mexicana Distilled from the oil-rich heartwood, Texas cedarwood helps focus thoughts and stabilize the emotions. Chamomile, GermanMatricaria recutita Especially popular in massage oils, this deep blue oil has a mild and soothing scent. Chamomile, RomanChamaemelum nobile The sweet, apple-like aroma of Roman chamomile soothes skin flare-ups and body soreness. Chamomile, WildOrmenis multicaulis The fresh, herbaceous aroma of Wild Chamomile helps balance the changes that take place during menopause.

Healthy and Connected - Essential Oils List

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