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Your Credit Crunch Boot Camp Workout 1.29

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Your Credit Crunch Boot Camp Workout

January 29th, 2009 · Filed Under: Fitness Boot Camp News

I warned you in the emails and I am sorry to those of you that missed out but our January boot camp has sold out!

For those that did miss out please do not worry, if you contact me on 07917866702 ill be happy to talk to you about your fitness and weight loss goals and give you information on changes and help you need to get you kick started.

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with an old client of mine in the gym. I won’t give his name away but he runs his own company and is seriously self motivated. Every time I talk to him I come away with new ideas and he is very motivational.

We got talking about business and the new product he had launched before Christmas and how it was going etc and from there he started talking about the ‘credit crunch’

What made this strange was that it was like I was talking to a personal trainer! I can’t remember the exact words of the conversation but he was telling me how the credit crunch was pulling individuals down and how they were letting it get on top of them.

Now from this he went on to say that exercise is what keeps him motivated and is what keeps his brain healthy. Making him able to think clearer and a lot of work and issues he sorts out are in the gym while he is training.

He made a really good point that unless you can start to take care of yourself and your own health and fitness everything around is going to seem worse because you are not in control. You feel sluggish and depressed because you are not exercising or eating the right foods and you’ll fatigue a lot quicker.

Take from this what you will but i am in 100% agreement with him. Take control of yourself and even if it is a 10 minute walk to get you going DO IT! Join your gym, fitness classes anything but take control of yourself and start putting your health, fitness and happiness first.

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January Boot Camp Filling Up Fast!

January 14th, 2009 · Filed Under: Fitness Boot Camp News

Places are filling up fast on our boot camp.

already signed up and are wanting to please don’t delay. Even if you

are waiting for your friend to get back to you, make a commitment to

Once we have the full quota i

will not allow anymore people on the camp. We are not interested in

numbers just results, that is why we work in exclusive groups so we can

focus our attention on you and MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT.

the emails a lot of you loved the 5 minute workouts and a couple of you

have recorded some excellent times too! Below is a link to a video i

did with one of my clients in Sefton Park just before Christmas.

INTERVAL TRAINING! You have got to love it!

Set up a cone in the middle and then place 3 cones 15m away from the centre cone.

Walking lunges to one cone then sprint back to the middle

Bunny hops to the second cone and then sprint back to the middle

Sprint to the third cone and then sprint back to the middle

the video the weight he is carrying is a powerbag weighing 15kg. You

can use a rucksack, med ball or even just do it with your body weight.

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