Obesity By State 2008

Obesity By State 2008

Food Police Want To Ban “Happy Meal” Toys: Is This Too Far?kankusta duo cena

A county supervisor in California wants to ban Happy Meal toys and other similar treats that are given away with children’s fast food meals.
This same county in Silcon Valley issued a law in 2008 that required chain restaurants to include a calorie count on their menus, which was later adopted by the state of California. And trends that start in California often spread to the rest of the nation.
Ken Yeager, the Santa Clara County Supervisor, is presenting a law at Tuesday’s county board meeting to ban toys given away with unhealthy food. He believes the toys are used to encourage children to eat fatty, sugary, high-calorie meals that can lead to childhood obesity.
kankusta duo prospect

Too far !
I Think they went too far waking up…BTW,I’m Planing a Big Ol’Steak with Eggs for Breakfast(for the PETA FUBARS)…Then for Lunch I was thinking about a Rack-o-Ribs.
Dinner I was thinking about a Whole Chicken BBQ’d on the Grill…What Say You PETA Minions…

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