Looking for information on Candida symptoms? You're not alone!

Looking for information on Candida symptoms? You're not alone!

Looking for information on Candida symptoms? You''re not alone!ling fluent

Yeast infections are an uncomfortable condition to endure. The infection itself is caused by the over multiplication of Candida yeast.

While the yeast is a micro-organism that is naturally found in the body, when infection happens the yeast has produced in abundance and concentrated itself in one specific area of the body. In the case of the notorious vaginal yeast infection, the yeast has concentrated itself in the vaginal area.

Characteristic Candida symptoms caused by this high yeast concentration include an abnormal discharge and swelling of the vulva. While females regularly experience a clear and odorless vaginal discharge, when the vagina becomes infected it differs greatly.

The discharge begins to appear yellowish or whitish in color, is of a rather thick consistency, and has a detectable odor that can actually differ from woman to woman. Furthermore, the area becomes irritated, and intense burning and itching sensations that increase during urination may occur.

The high discomfort level of these Candida symptoms prompt many women to seek a cure. There are many topical remedies that claim to treat yeast infections that can be found over-the-counter. However, many of these products are not necessarily the most effective solution. There are many different types of anti-itch creams.

While these products do sometimes provide temporary relief, they are by no means the ultimate solution. The creams themselves are thick and uncomfortable when applied, and must be applied frequently to feel any results at all.

Another option is douching. However, douching frequently disrupts the delicate balance of the vagina, sometimes causing more irritation than the actual yeast infection itself has already done to begin with. The problem with these types of remedies is that they treat only the skin irritation that is caused by the yeast infection.

In order to successfully treat long term Candida symptoms and recurrent yeast infections, it is essential to find a cure that treats the root of the problem. The main source of infection is the abundant production of yeast.

Therefore, action must be taken in order to decrease the production of the yeast within the body. This can be accomplished by careful attention to factors that increase yeast production.

Factors include various foods that are contributors to Candida production, as well as specific personal hygiene habits and types of clothing that promote yeast production by creating an environment in which it survives much easier. By learning about and changing these habits for the better, yeast production is decreased before skin irritation begins, and recurrent yeast infections are much less likely to occur.

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